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Big Changes are Coming

From time to time as a company gets older you need to dust off the cobwebs and re-examine if what you are currently doing is meeting the expectations of the clients, employees and owners. The company has had a successful 26 years of business. But those that rest on their past may get left behind in the fast moving business world.

While we have continually made improvements to our training and our hiring procedure I feel the time has come for a bigger more sweeping change. After years of having the recession hold us at bay it is time to come out in a big way and show that we are indeed on the leading edge of providing a professional security service. While the details have not been worked out 100% I want to let you know a few of the things that we can look forward to changing in the coming months.

Employee Evaluation and Officer Compensation- We are developing an incentive based compensation and quartely bonus program. 

Uniforms - The old blue uniforms are going away. 

Training - Revamping the entire program Classroom and On The Job.

Continuing Ed - For the first time their will be Continuing Education courses.

Vehicles - New designed logos that will match uniforms

Special Event Clothing - New special event comfort wear that matches new uniform color scheme.

Web site - Your veiwing it our newest communication tool and it will be expanding.

Supervision - Restructured for more effective officer contact


There are many more programs being developed so please stay tuned. All of these programs should be exciting for both the client as well as the Security Officers. I look forward to Officer and Client participation in fine tuning some of these ideas.       

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