Censor Advanced Trained Security (C.A.T.S).

Censor Services has created a training program that tailors our Security Officers to our Corporate Philosophy. The C.A.T.S. (Censor Advanced Trained Security) program is second to no other in New England. It consists of 40 to 140 hours of training. This training is conducted by our own Certified Training Directors and covers virtually everything a Security Officer needs to know to effectively deal with the problems he/she could encounter on the job. The officers receive site training and are trained on the following subjects:

  • Censor's operating procedures
  • Security officer's role
  • Legal issues
  • Avoiding lawsuits
  • Public relations
  • Tactical communications
  • Diversity awareness
  • Controlling aggressive individuals
  • Patrol techniques
  • Crisis intervention
  • Responsibilities and limitations
  • Crime awareness
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Fire prevention & protection
  • Fire responsibilities
  • Emergency situations
  • Event security
  • Use of restraints*
  • Report writing
  • Key access & control
  • Parking, traffic & escorts
  • Pepper spray certification*
  • CPR certification*
  • Basic first aid*
  • Alcohol intervention techniques

* Not all officers are certified.

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